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Livonia Wigs

Livonia Wigs | The Front Room | Livonia, MI

We know that your hair is an important part of who you are. Illness, cancer treatments and genetics can leave you with hair that is thinning, receding hairlines and skin that is perfectly smooth and free of hair. Regardless of the challenge you are facing, The Front Room or Livonia, MI, can help you overcome it. We offer wigs for chemo patients, as well as hair systems for anyone struggling with hair loss.

An ideal hair replacement option, you can select between semi-permanent hair systems and temporary hair pieces in Livonia, MI. We are proud to offer wigs for chemo patients, as well as natural hair wigs for men and women struggling with hair loss. With more than three decades of experience, we excel at crafting natural-looking custom wigs that will make you feel beautiful.

Whether you need wigs for chemo patients or want a semi-permanent hair replacement system, trust The Front Room to supply you with fantastic wigs that will help you restore your self-esteem. We offer the highest quality hair replacement options, and are dedicated to helping you look your best.